🛒 Amazon might be opening more physical stores

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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 To no surprise, Binance is in trouble once again, as they are facing legal action from traders who were affected by an outage back in May. Amazon may be opening even more physical stores, this time small department stores.

Amazon is opening mini department stores

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Amazon is opening department stores in the US.

Coming to Ohio and California

Sources told The Wall Street Journal that new Amazon department stores, are coming to Ohio and California, and will sell clothing, household items, electronics, and more from "top consumer brands".

Might not happen

At the moment, it is only a possibility as Amazon is declining to acknowledge the rumour, but there is a good chance we'll see more stores from Amazon in the future.

Wouldn't be Amazon's first physical stores

It wouldn't be the first time Amazon decides to venture into physical stores, over the past few years, Amazon has opened a range of different types of stores the most popular being grocery stores like Amazon 4-star and Amazon Go, as well as book and electronic stores.

Splitgate Open Beta now has over 10 million downloads

Splitgate, the free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by 1047 Games, officially has been downloaded 10 million times, and it's not even out of beta yet.

What is Splitgate?

If you've been paying attention to FPS games recently, you've probably heard of Splitgate. In simple terms, Splitgate is a mix of both Halo and Portal, a fast-paced sci-fi shooter with portal mechanics being a big part of the game.

Why has it only blown up now?

Splitgate has been out since 2019, but it's only been since the open beta launched in early July that it has exploded in popularity, even to the point that the servers struggled to handle the demand of players trying to play, creating loading queues to up to an hour.

Binance faces legal claims over May 19th outage

Binance is facing legal action from traders after the cryptocurrency platform allegedly caused users to lose millions after an unexpected outage earlier this year.

What happened?

A few months ago, on May 19th, Binance went offline, along with other crypto platforms, due to mass selloff, which clogged blockchain transactions and overwhelmed reserves, resulting in a massive drop in the price of Bitcoin.

Over 700 people affected

While the platform was down, the trading accounts of at least 700 people were affected, causing traders to experience losses over $100m total, according to Liti Capital. If the action is successful, Binance will have to cover the loses with its own money.

The Waves

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Microsoft announced a New Wired Xbox Stereo Headset

The tech giant, Microsoft has recently announced that they will be releasing a wired model of their latest Xbox Stereo headset that launched earlier this year. The new wired model will cost about $60 which is much more affordable compared to its wireless model that costs about $100.

Design and features of the new wired model

The wired model will be missing features that are on the wireless stereo headset, but the design will essentially be the same as the wireless model. Headset users will be able to twist the dial on the exterior of the right ear cup to adjust the volume. The headset will also have a mute button on the backside of the flexible microphone. 

Spatial sound support

Microsoft has said that the stereo headsets will support spatial sound technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS:X and will feature "clean mid and high-frequency performances with strong bass" to make the sound quality of games incredible.

When will the wired Xbox Stereo headset be released?

The wired model is expected to be released on September 21st and is currently available for preorder through Microsoft's online store.

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