🤦‍♂️ Binance is facing even more pressure

Will it ever stop?

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Binance is under investigation by US officials for possible insider trading and market manipulation. iOS 15 is out now, and there is plenty of cool new features.

Binance probed over suspected insider trading

US officials are now investigating possible insider trading and market manipulation at cryptocurrency exchange company Binance.

Not certain yet

According to reports, government officials are trying to find out if Binance has facilitated insider trading and market manipulation. Binance hasn't been found guilty of anything currently, but the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is working with the company over accusations that staff profited by taking advantage of customer trading activity.

Already under pressure

Binance has already been under pressure this year for multiple reasons, including suspected money laundering activities, as well as not meeting the FCA's requirements, making the company unpermitted to undertake any regulated activities within the UK.

Binance responds

"At Binance, we have a zero-tolerance policy for insider trading and a strict ethical code related to any type of behavior that could have a negative impact on our customers or industry," said Binance in a statement.

Nvidia set to release Windows 11 drivers

Nvidia has announced they will be releasing a new display drive with Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support to about 28 games for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

What is DLSS?

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is an AI rendering technology that increases graphics performance for video games. Nvidia's new Windows 10 and 11 drivers with DLSS support will upscale games from a low resolution to provide smoother frame rates without compromising image quality.

What can we expect from the new Windows drivers with DLSS support?

The new additions to the drivers come courtesy of the Unreal Engine 4 DLSS plugins which allow developers to easily integrate DLSS within their games. Games such as Alan Wake Remastered will be released with DLSS support next month and according to Nvidia will bring a 2X performance boost at 4K. This would mean that every GeForce GPU has the capability of going over 60 fps at the maximum setting in 4K with the DLSS being enabled as well as allow cards such as the RTX 2080 Ti to go from an average of 70 fps to 120 fps.

The Waves

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Creator Special

Blue's Creations

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Avery Rose UK

Avery Rose UK is a female fashion clothing brand based in Berkshire, which sells tops, dresses, jeans, skorts, and more. You can find all of their clothes on their website and keep up to date with what they’re up to on Instagram.

iOS 15 is available for download now

Yesterday Apple released iOS 15, iPadOS15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 to iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV devices. Here are some of the best new features.

Notifications and Focus

Notifications have a new clean design in iOS15, now showing app logos and contact photos. One of our favourite new features is called Focus. It's similar to Do Not Disturb, but it allows you to set up multiple scenarios, such as work, vacation, home, and more so that you can set custom notification rules for each one.

FaceTime with non-Apple users

In the past, Apple users have only been able to FaceTime other Apple devices, but now, you can FaceTime Android devices and PC's. To do this, all you have to do is share a link to join a FaceTime call, which others can then join via browser.

Which devices can update?

All phones from the iPhone 6S and newer, as well as the first-generation iPhone SE, can install iOS 15 now. The iPad Air 2, iPad 5th Generation, and newer iPad's can all install iPadOS 15. If you are planning to update your Apple Watch, you'll be able to if it is an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer.