👋 Binance US CEO suddenly steps down

Binance US CEO has had enough

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Jeff Bezos has lost his spot as the richest person alive after his net worth dropped, and NFTs are having a record-breaking week.

Binance US CEO resigns after only 3 months

Brian Brooks has resigned as Chief Executive Officer of the US crypto exchange, Binance US, only three months after he started the position.

Differences over strategic direction

On Twitter, Brian shared the main reason for his departure, saying, "Despite differences over strategic direction, I wish my former colleagues much success. Exciting new things to come!"

Confident in Binance US

The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, responded to Brian's resignation on social media, praising his works and assuring US customers that he remains confident in Binance.US’s business.

Not the best time for Binance

As Brooks departs from Binance, the exchange is under a lot of pressure intense regulatory scrutiny as governments all over the world try to shut them down, even with the FCA, a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, banning Binance from any operations throughout the UK.

Sony Pictures acquires Crunchyroll for nearly $1.2 billion

Funimation, an anime streaming service owned by Sony Pictures and SPE, has officially completed its acquisition of Crunchyroll, with plans to merge the two largest anime streaming services together.

In the works since December

In December, AT&T announced that it was selling Crunchyroll to Funimation, in a deal worth almost $1.2 billion. Crunchyroll currently has 120 million users worldwide, so combined, the two anime services will dominate the world of anime.

Welcome to the Sony group

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida welcomed Crunchyroll to the Sony Group, saying, "Anime is a rapidly growing medium that enthralls and inspires emotion among audiences around the globe. The alignment of Crunchyroll and Funimation will enable us to get even closer to the creators and fans who are the heart of the anime community. We look forward to delivering even more outstanding entertainment that fills the world with emotion through anime."

Some slight problems

While the acquisition was in the works, not everyone was happy to hear the news. According to The Information, the U.S. Justice Department reviewed the acquisition, to determine if the deal would give Sony a monopoly over anime streaming.

Ariana Grande's Fortnite tour was insane

From August 6th to August 9th, Ariana Grande became the latest artist that virtually performed within Fortnite. The difference is that this time it was a tour.

Incase you missed it

From start to end, the concerts lasted 12 minutes, starting with previous artists featured in the game, Marshmello, and Diplo followed up with five of Ariana's songs, which even included a tribute to Mac Miller while she performed 'The Way.'

Here's the full set list:

  • Come & Go by Juice WRLD & Marshmello

  • Audio by Sia, Diplo & Labrinth / LSD

  • Victorious by Wolfmother

  • 7 Rings by Ariana Grande

  • Be Alright by Ariana Grande

  • R.E.M. by Ariana Grande

  • The Way by Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller

  • Positions by Ariana Grande

The Waves

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🚗 New Lamborghini Countach might be a hybrid

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Twitch will now give streamers more info on why they were banned

Twitch has recently announced via Twitter that starting on Monday, they will begin providing streamers and users more information as to why they got banned and suspended through an enforcement notification.

What type of info can streamers get? 

The information that Twitch support will provide to users whenever they get banned or suspended includes the name and date of the content that violates platform rules when the ban or suspension was issued.

How will the enforcement notification help streamers?

When users get banned or suspended, they are not given a clear explanation for the suspension but are only given a list of what rules and policies were violated. With the implementation of the new enforcement notifications, users would be able to figure out what they did wrong and allow themselves to know what actions to avoid in the future to prevent another suspension.

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