💻 Crypto hacker gets a job offer

Poly Network confuses the world

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Earlier this week, Boston Dynamics showcased its Atlas programs doing parkour, and to say the least, it was impressive. After stealing $600M and returning it, Poly Network is offering Crypto Heist hacker a job?

Bostom Dynamics' Atlas robots completes parkour course

On Tuesday, Boston Dynamics posted a video of its Atlas Robots successfully completing a parkour course for the first time without any mistakes, better than most people could.

First dancing, now parkour

It's been a big year for Boston Dynamics, at the end of 2020, we got to see Boston Dynamics' robots do a dance routine for the first time. Months later, its Spot and Atlas robots even danced with the K-Pop group BTS to celebrate Boston Dynamics joining the Hyundai family.

What are they up to now?

Fast forward to the present, Boston Dynamics robots successfully completed a parkour routine for the first time. With no effort, while moving like a person, they jumped between platforms, balanced on beams, and even ended with two synchronized backflips.

Months to complete

As effortless as the parkour routine might have looked, according to Boston Dynamics it took months to develop. The main reason for the routine was to test the Atlas' balance and posture goals while moving through different environments, and of course, who doesn't want to see robots do parkour?

Fortnite's new game mode looks a lot like Among Us

Epic Games has revealed a new game mode coming to Fortnite, and it has a lot of similarities to Among Us, even the name.

Fortnite "Imposters"

Imposters puts ten players against each other on a map to figure out who among them is trying to sabotage everyone else. The innocent players, known as Agents have to complete different tasks, while the imposters try to stop them before they finish all their tasks.

Sounds familiar

If the Imposters game mode sounds familiar, it's because Fortnite completely copied popular indie game Among Us game mechanics, even down to using the same terminology and theme.

What does Among Us think?

Victoria Tran, Innersloth community director, tweeted after some fans got angry at Fortnite's attempt to copy Among Us, saying, “It would have been a fun collab. Like game mechanics, fine, those shouldn’t be gatekept, but at the very least even different themes or terminology makes things more interesting?”

Poly Network offers crypto hacker a job

To everyone's surprise, Poly Network will not attempt to prosecute the hacker who stole more than $600 million in cryptocurrency from them and instead is offering them a job.

Largest crypto heist

Earlier this month, Poly Network, the popular decentralized finance or DeFi platform, had over 600 million stolen from them by an unknown individual or group known under the nickname "Mr. White Hat." Days after the attack, the hacker told Poly Network they were “ready to return” the funds.

They have a job offer?

Most of us assumed Poly Network would do everything in their power to have the hacker arrested, but instead, Poly Network has given them an invitation to be the "Chief Security Adviser" of the firm, claiming the hacker would be the perfect candidate to make the companies cybersecurity as secure as possible.

The Waves

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Apple’s new feature SharePlay will not be a part of the initial iOS 15 release

The new iOS 15 update will be bringing new features to Apple devices, but one new feature called SharePlay will delay its rollout. The SharePlay feature is expected to roll out to all Apple devices after the major iOS 15 update that will be released in the fall. In a recent blog post from Apple, the tech company has stated that the new feature will be disabled in the next betas of iOS 15, iPadOS15, tvOS 15 as well as macOS Monterey.

What is the new SharePlay feature?

The new feature will allow people to enjoy watching TV shows, movies, and even listen to music with their friends while on a video call. The feature will allow the entertainment being shared on FaceTime to play at the same time and sync everything across Apple devices.

Will other new features have a rollout delay?

The tech company has held back the rollout of features from previous iOS updates until the new features are all ready to go. SharePlay is one of the first major new features that will be pulled back from the initial iOS 15 launch which has raised questions as to what other features might have a delayed rollout. Another feature that is yet to be added to the update is the new Universal Control feature that will allow iPad and Mac owners to work smoothly across the two products with the same mouse and keyboard.

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