👓 Ray-Ban launches smart glasses

The future of AR glasses

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Ray-Ban has launched its smart glasses as its first collaboration with Facebook. During PlayStation Showcase, we got to see a glimpse at what games are coming to PlayStation, and it's looking promising.

Facebook and Ray-Ban launch Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Facebook and Ray-Ban have launched their first pair of smart glasses, as a step towards full augmented reality glasses.

What's so special about them?

The Ray-Ban Stories come in 20 variations, including a round design, meteor design, and Ray-Ban's Wayfarer design, all equipped with two front-facing cameras which can quickly take pictures and videos. Users operate the glasses with small buttons on the sides of the glasses that capture 30 seconds of video and a 2592 x 1944 photo.

How much do they cost?

Currently, the smart glasses cost $299 and are the first product in a partnership between Facebook and EssilorLuxottica, Ray-Ban’s parent company.

Nothing new

If Ray-Ban's new smart glasses look familiar, it is because they share a lot of similarities to Snapchat's Spectacles, which launched back in 2016, and are now in their third generation. Last year Google bought North, an AR glasses startup, so it's likely we'll see Google launch its own AR glasses.

Instagram is testing out a new 'Favourites' feature

A mobile developer, Alessandro Paluzzi has recently discovered that Instagram is quietly testing out a solution to make users' feeds less messy by testing out a new Favourites feature.

How does the new Favourites feature work?

The Favourites feature will allow users to categorize their most important and favourite Instagram accounts as their priorities which will allow the post of the user's favourite Instagram accounts to be much higher in their feed. Currently, Instagram's algorithm shows the most recent and shared posts from people users follow higher in their feed, but the new feature will give users more control in making their feed less messy by prioritizing posts from their favourite accounts.

When will the new Favourites feature be available?

Instagram has tested out a similar Favourites feature back in 2017 which allowed users to limit the exact audience for each users' posts such as allowing friends of users to see certain photos they post. As of right now, it is still unclear whether the new Favourites feature will become an official Instagram feature or whether the feature will change when it begins to roll out broadly to the public.

The Waves

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NFT Special

Lazy Panda

Roi, a digital artist, VFX artist, and animator, is in the process of creating a 1/1 edition NFT collection, which will eventually have around 200 to 500 different lazy pandas, each completely different from each other. You can follow the Lazy Panda Instagram to keep up to date on their launch.

Crypto Dragons

Crypto Dragon is a unique collection of NFTs created to support local animal shelters, with ten possibilities for ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tail, wings, and more combinations to make every single CryptoDragon special in its own way. The collection started back in 2018, back when the NFT space was getting started on OpenSea.


BYUTY is a multitask Fine Art artist with a passion for an infinite art form. She specializes in creating art relevant to visual arts, music, dancing, and theater. Some of her best pieces are I Got Rhythm, Sunflower, Dance of Melancholy, and more, all available to buy on OpenSea.

Best announcements made during PlayStation Showcase

Over the weekend, PlayStation Showcase took place, including updates from PlayStation Studios along with some of the industry’s best developers. If you missed it, here are the most exciting announcements.

First look at God of War: Ragnarök

One of the most exciting reveals has to go to God of War: Ragnarök. We now know the game takes place a few years after the events of God of War (2018), now gripped by the freezing winds of Fimbulwinter and heavy snowfall, making things even worse than before. Another unexpected reveal was Thor, the Norse god of Thunder, whose appearance shocked fans expecting a muscular thor similar to how he looks in Marvel.

Spider-Man 2 revealed

Spider-Man fans, your favourite web-slinger is making a return, but this time it’s not just one Spider-Man featured, it’s both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Spider-Man 2 follows the journey of Peter Parker and Miles Morales going up against enemies like the alien symbiote Venom, voiced by Tony Todd.

Insomniac Games is developing a Wolverine game?

Not only are we getting Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac games, but they have also revealed another superhero game, Wolverine, directed by Brian Horton (creative director) and Cameron Christian (game director). The reveal trailer doesn't show much, but a license plate that reads "HLK-181" can be seen behind the bar Wolverine is sitting at, a reference to The Incredible Hulk Issue 181, when both superhero's got in a fight.