💸 Square's Cash App opens up to teens

Won't be able to trade crypto

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Teenagers can now sign up to Cash App, and access the majority of its features. Over the weekend Apple hired a former Tesla Autopilot director to help create its self-driving car.

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Square opens Cash App for teens

Anyone over 13 years old can now use Cash App, the company announced this week.

Square, Cash App’s parent company, announced that teens can now use Cash App to deposit and spend money or send it to friends and family. Teens will need their parent or guardians’ permission to use the app, and not have access to some of Cash App’s features.

The Cash Card, a card linked to users Cash App accounts will allow teens to make payments. On the Cash App mobile app you can customize the cards by changing its colour, adding stamps, or even making it glow in the dark.

Users under 18 won’t be able to trade Bitcoin or access the Investing, Borrow, Check Deposit, Paper Money Deposit or Cross-Border Payments features. While creating an account, Cash App will contact the teen’s parent or guardian for approval.

SpaceX Crew-3 launch delayed once again

NASA has announced that the SpaceX Crew-3 mission to the International Space Station has been delayed for the second time.

Originally, NASA delayed the lift-off to today to avoid "weather considerations," and so the Crew-2 astronauts could greet the Crew-3 team before they departed from the ISS.

The space agency has decided to wait until Crew 2 is back on Earth first, and instead launch the Crew-3 mission on Wednesday, November 10th at 9:03PM ET (02:03 GMT).

According to a tweet from SpaceX, Wednesday has a 80 percent chance of favourable weather for lift-off. If everything goes well, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle will take off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and arrive at the ISS at around 7:10 PM ET on November 11th.

The Waves

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NFT Special

Crypto Crabs

Crypto crabs is a collection of unique NFT art, which drop in clusters of 10. Each crab are one-of-a-kind NFTs which are generated, edited and posted personally by its artist and computer software.

Luke Mosele

Luke Mosele is a Brazilian portrait photographer who grew up shadowing Parkour athletes and urban explorers. Through this, they developed a love for the city and architecture and how it interacts with people. The aim of Luke’s collection “Untitled Collection #27815678” is to frame people within their environments. The photo above called "Wonderland" is Luke’s attempt to capture a foggy night by a Boston beach in the winter.

Alisha Anglin

For 15 years Alisha has been an abstract artist, publishing her work in voyage Phoenix, shoutout magazine, medium.com, daily news, and North Central News while showing & selling her Art worldwide. At the start of 2021 she decided to dive into NFTs and ever since have sold her 1:1 original work to collectors across the world

Apple hires former Tesla Autopilot software director

Apple, to boost its self-driving car development efforts, has hired Tesla’s former Autopilot software director.

The tech giant has reportedly hired Christopher "CJ" Moore, who's been the director for Tesla's Autopilot Software since 2019 and has been with the EV company since 2014. According to Bloomberg, Christopher will work on software at Apple and report to Stuart Bowers, former head of Tesla's Autopilot unit in 2019.

Apple has been working on its self-driving software project dubbed “Titan” since 2014 and ever since has hired over 1,000 car experts and engineers. In 2019, reports leaked that Apple changed its mind and set the goal of building an actual vehicle.

Foxconn, an electronics industry company that is known as being the main manufacturer behind the iPhone, has been working on becoming a car contract company, so there’s a chance it could partner with Apple to create the Apple Car.

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