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Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 To change things up, today's newsletter is our first NFT edition, featuring our favourite NFT's created by the Waivly Crew.


Artemis is a talented artist that creates generative speech-to-visuals pieces of static and moving pictures using math and coding. Recently his first three generative pieces got minted on his Liquidifty account, Ancient Bird in Hiding, Airships, and Nobody Say a Word, all three only having three editions for sale, so make sure to check them out.

Rick Wezenaar

Rick Wezenaar is a photographer that focuses on human beings with their unique individuality. Over the last few years, Rick has started working on a wide range of different projects surrounding portraits, travel, landscapes, architecture, and of course, digital art, which he sells as NFTs on Rarible.


Are you just getting into the NFT scene and are looking for something unique? TheGhostCollector is an NFT brand that has its own collection called House of Ghosts, a range of unique, adorable ghosts, all with their own style, color, job, and name, perfect for new NFT collectors.

The Waves

🎮 Intel announces its first gaming GPUs, Intel ARC, debuting in 2022

💰 Crypto platform Bitpanda triples valuation to $4.1 billion after raising $263 million

💬 Roblox acquires Discord competitor Guilded

👀 California accuses Riot of misleading employees about their right to speak up


BINKYs are a unique collection of 24px space-bound bunnies, which are all handcrafted with special traits. There will only be 100 BINKYs ever created, and owners will gain exclusive access to giveaways and airdrops of future collections.

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