100 Thieves is getting into hardware with its first acquisition

The gaming and apparel brand is taking on Higround

100 Thieves, a popular gaming organization and apparel brand, is getting stuck into the hardware scene, as per The Verge, taking on its first acquisition: gaming peripheral company Higround.

Higround are known for their ‘designer’ style gaming peripherals, releasing products in limited drops which are said to have sold out for every single drop, making them an exclusive and stylish brand to have in your setup.

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100 Thieves, also known for their premium collections, is partnering up with Higround, taking the company under their wings to help them grow. In the story shared by The Verge, Higround are said to be operating independently still, whilst 100 Thieves acts more so as an accelerator for the company to flourish alongside.

There are no specific insights shared as to what the deal entails, however Matthew Haag who is better known online as Nadeshot, 100 Thieves’ CEO, shared that the company doesn’t plan to do anymore acquisitions right now, whilst they invest all their resources and time to “helping them (Higround) succeed”, “And then we’ll see what comes down the road in the future.”, he added.

Through the acquisition, the pair will team up on a ‘special product capsule’ which includes a hoodie and custom keyboard, which you can see on the photo at the top of this post. This drop will go live on October 15th on Higround’s website at 3PM ET where you’ll be able to purchase said capsule.

This yet again shows the ever-growing moves and developments that are being made throughout the gaming space by brands and organizations who are constantly on the lookout for the next opportunity.

Acquisitions are something that ourselves at Waivly have been behind being next for a while, and this move by 100 Thieves solidifies how it can be done correctly, letting a company do what it does best, whilst using your audience and resources to act as an accelerator to the acquired company, to help both parties thrive.

Our friends over at Valkence, who are a new and fast-rising gaming and entertainment organization, amongst other orgs, are also setting their eyes on acquisitions being apart of their journey, so don’t be surprised to see this happen more and more as brands and organizations join forces to try and conquer their industries and areas.

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