Netflix says 142 million households watched Squid Game

Again, displaying how extremely popular the global hit series is

According to a post by Bloomberg, Netflix’s pre-recorded call to share holders in which the company announced its third-quarter results once again displayed how much of a hit the Squid Game series was, supposedly having 142 million households watching it.

The show, if you somehow aren’t familiar with it yet, is all about debt-filled individuals who are set out to play a deadly series of games with one baseline between the games of cutting out shapes carefully without breaking them with very little tools for a cash prize reward in the tens of millions of dollars.

This statistic of 142 million households having watched the series marks it as Netflix’s most-viewed new show in the history of the company, the report shared. The show claimed the number 1 spot in the platforms ranking across 94 countries, including the United States.

A very impressive statistic, but an understandable one considering the show has been nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon.

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