Americans are spending big this Halloween

2021 tops the records for the most spent on Halloween in the USA

Halloween is one of the biggest events celebrated around the world every year, and this year, American’s specifically are going all out for the spooky season.

Over $10 Billion

That’s the amount being spent on Halloween this year, which is a big increase from 2017, where it was one billion less, at around $9 billion, then last year, 2020, $8 billion.

This comes from stats by USA Today. You can see in the photo below the rise, then dip to huge rise this year in Halloween purchases.

Why The Spook Spending?

There’s no specific reason, although, more people enjoying Halloween or throwing parties at their home this year, instead of trick-or-treating only, could be why.

If you’re wanting to get in the Halloween spirit this year, definitely don’t wait until last minute to get involved, as everything is flying off the shelves.. quick!

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