Apple hires former Tesla Autopilot software director

Help with the company's self-driving car effort

Apple, to boost its self-driving car development efforts, has hired Tesla’s former Autopilot software director.

The tech giant has reportedly hired Christopher "CJ" Moore, who's been the director for Tesla's Autopilot Software since 2019 and has been with the EV company since 2014. According to Bloomberg, Christopher will work on software at Apple and report to Stuart Bowers, former head of Tesla's Autopilot unit in 2019.

Apple has been working on its self-driving software project dubbed “Titan” since 2014 and ever since has hired over 1,000 car experts and engineers. In 2019, reports leaked that Apple changed its mind and set the goal of building an actual vehicle.

Foxconn, an electronics industry company that is known as being the main manufacturer behind the iPhone, has been working on becoming a car contract company, so there’s a chance it could partner with Apple to create the Apple Car.

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