Are startup founders crazy for going up against trillion dollar companies?

The answer is yes, but for all the right reasons

A great tweet by @gregisenberg read “If you think about it… startup founders are crazy”, “We go up against trillion dollar companies and we believe we will outcompete them”, and so I wanted to share some input around this as this is a common statement put onto startup founders, and it’s not wrong.

Are startup founders crazy?

Yes. We absolutely are. I’m a startup founder myself, being the founder of Skylr Infinite, Valkence, and this brand right here; Waivly. We are working tirelessly every single day to make something we made from zero turn into something huge, with no help, or no one backing us, and running off our own fuels and capital to kick off with.

That takes a special kind of crazy; the good kind. The hunger for more, and constant motivation and drive to make something happen for ourselves and those around us, is something that makes startup founders unique in that they have no fear and love risks that most of people won’t take and thrive on opportunities.

Taking on the giants

Now, to an everyday person, making something with no help or backing, and starting with zero, to take on trillion and billion dollar companies and corporations, sounds absolutely wild.. and that’s what separates us to everyone.

As startup founders, we know we can take on the big companies and markets they currently dominate because we have our own skillsets, unique ideas, and creations, and can adapt super quickly, especially to change, whilst corporations have a lane they have to stay in.

Our hidden gems

Startup founders have something corporations can only dream of and will never have; speed and agility. Corporations have to go through 100 people to make 1 decision, whilst we make 100 decisions in the same time by 1 person.

That speed and agility, added up with the crazy hunger for success and turning our startups into something from nothing, gives us every right to take on corporations, even though we definitely do seem crazy to everyone outside.

All the best to every startup founder out there. Keep at it, you’ll get there.

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