Brave ditches Google for its own search engine

The choice is yours

Brave, the privacy-focused browser, has replaced Google with its new no-tracking privacy-centric Brave Search as the default search engine for users.

More privacy

From today, Brave’s new search engine, called Brave Search, will automatically apply for new users and give them more privacy and independence, as unlike Google, it does not track users or their searches and clicks. Brave Search is now available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany, with more countries, planned to make the switch in the upcoming months.

Impressive growth

Brave’s search engine first launched in public beta earlier this year and ever since “has grown significantly since its release last June, with nearly 80 million queries per month. Our users are pleased with the comprehensive privacy solution that Brave Search provides against Big Tech by being integrated into our browser,” said Brendan Eich, CEO, and co-founder of Brave.

Safely browse online

To help improve the results given when you search, Brave has also launched a Web Discovery Project that lets users anonymously contribute data to improve Brave Search coverage and quality and to be even more independent against Big Tech competitors. The project is designed to make all data collected unlinkable, so it is impossible for Brave to sell it to advertisers or government agencies.

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