Byte is making a comeback, rebranded as Clash

Vine and Byte may have failed, but is it third time lucky for Clash?

TikTok revival Byte, in coming for the platform once again, this time with a brand new name and a fresh new look. Does it stand a chance though? Let’s see.

What’s Happening?

When the Trump administration went to ban TikTok in the U.S., a lot of platforms popped up trying to take it’s shine, as people assumed the ban would take place.

One of these platforms being Byte, which gathered 1.3 million downloaded in its first week alone, but when the TikTok ban didn’t happen, Byte sold itself to its rival, Clash.

This was likely down to being unable to beat TikTok’s momentum, especially after continuous failed ban attempts. Now, Clash is back, and relaunching even stronger.

Moving Forward

This time, the focus isn’t so much on beating TikTok, as that would be a very difficult challenge, and this time more so working parallel to it.

Clash was founded by Brendon McNerney, who was a big Vine star, and so having the experience of all the platforms, he has a huge unique creator perspective with him.

The platform is said to work where creators use their socials like Instagram etc, as their brand-front if you will, and then Clash will be for fans more invested in creators journeys.

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