Call of Duty anti-cheat system has been leaked

Is anyone surprised?

Earlier this week, Call of Duty announced its new anti-cheat system that will get added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard, and it’s already reportedly got leaked.

What is it?

Announced Wednesday, via the Call of Duty blog, the new system called the ‘Ricochet Anti-Cheat initiative’ includes, a kernel-level driver for PC that will only run when either game is active, along with tools that allow their security team to monitor player behaviour. It will “assist in the identification of cheaters, reinforcing and strengthening the overall server security.”

Already leaked

On Twitter, AntiCheatPD, a group that specialize in gathering information on cheats to detect and disrupt cheaters, showed images of a forum where someone has already leaked the drivers for the Ricochet anti-system. If it is real, it will easily allow cheaters to reverse-engineer elements of Ricochet and create workarounds.

There’s still hope

Activision has yet to comment on the leak but, if it is valid, they will likely change the anti-cheat’s source code before it gets implemented into Warzone and Vanguard. Sources claim the version of the leaked driver is already out of date, so there is still hope for a working anti-cheat.

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