🚫 China bans all cryptocurrencies

It's been a long time coming

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 China has declared all cryptocurrency transactions illegal, warning it "seriously endangers the safety of people's assets." During Nintendo's event on Saturday, exciting updates and announcements got revealed, so we have covered our favourite.

China announces ban on cryptocurrency

China's central bank has announced that all cryptocurrency transactions are now illegal.


The People’s Bank of China and nine other government bodies came together to release a joint statement on the ban on all cryptocurrency activities. In the statement, they condemned cryptocurrency and claimed it was a threat to citizen's assets and a tool for facilitating criminal activities such as money laundering, gambling, illegal fund-raising, fraud, pyramid schemes, and more.

Illegal financial activity

“Overseas virtual currency exchanges that use the internet to offer services to domestic residents is also considered illegal financial activity,” the People’s Bank of China said. Chinese nationals working overseas will also be “investigated according to the law,” according to the Financial Times.

Seen it coming

China has not been a big fan of cryptocurrency for years, so it is no surprise they finally decided to ban it altogether. Earlier this year, Beijing began to crack down on crypto mining, resulting in Bitcoin miners moving their operations to other countries. China also made it illegal for companies to provide cryptocurrency-related services or to run cryptocurrency exchanges.

The biggest announcements made during Nintendo Direct

Last week during the third Nintendo Direct presentation this year, some big announcements and reveals were made. Encase you missed it, here are the most exciting things Nintendo is releasing.

Super Mario Bros. movie

One of the most exciting reveals made during the event was the cast for the animated Super Mario Bros. movie, which instantly received mixed opinions on social media. Chris Pratt, best known for playing Star-Lord in the MCU, will be voicing Mario, along with a bunch of other actors you might recognize. The new Super Mario Bros. film is coming to theatres in December 2022, and hopefully, it's better than the Super Mario Bros. live-action movie.

Kirby is making a return

Nintendo revealed its working on a new Kirby game, called Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a 3D open-world platformer game set in a post-apocalyptic city. Early Thursday before the event, the game was leaked in Nintendo's Japanese release calendar, so its reveal wasn't a big surprise for many Kirby fans. Kirby and the Forgotten Land will release on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2022.

N64 and Sega Genesis 'Expansion Pack'

Miss the Nintendo games you grew up playing? Nintendo is releasing a new membership plan for Switch Online, which will give players a library of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles. For now, not every N64 and Sega Genesis will be available, but the expansion pack will include classic games like Super Mario 64, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Mario Kart 64, and more.

The Waves

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🎮 Netflix’s Kate is getting an action roguelike game

👀 Disney sues to keep complete rights to Marvel characters

NFT Edition

Squid Babies

Squid Babies is a collection of NFTs, which eventually will have 200 Squid babies as part of the first collection. Some of them have special quantities, and most of them are 1/1, starting at 0.003 ETH.

Latent Spaces

Latent Spaces is a collection of generative art pieces created by summing the outputs of many random 2π-periodic functions in 2-dimensions over time. The creator behind Latent Spaces is a Ph.D. candidate in both physics and machine learning at the University of Cambridge, who got the idea to turn a stylized representation of the latent space of a neural network into a perfect endless loop to sell on OpenSea.


Looking to buy unique colour abstract NFTs? KunalNFT is a photographer and digital artist who loves to gets in touch with his emotions to create unique art with 19th-century ink on wooden boards. Currently, there are 30 colour abstract NFTs for sale on his OpenSea account.

Amazon rumoured to be working on an Alexa-powered soundbar

The e-commerce giant, Amazon is reportedly developing new Alexa and Echo products, according to a recent Bloomberg News article.

What is Amazon developing?

The products that Amazon is currently developing include a Wall-mounted- Echo device that is designed to be mounted on a wall or on a stand to serve the usual Echo functions as well as a control panel for smart home devices. Another product that they are developing is that Alexa-powered soundbar which will be equipped with an integrated camera designed to make video calls easier. Amazon is developing a Second-Generation Echo Auto, a mobile Echo device that has a display that will supposedly follow users around their homes, and even an Alexa-powered karaoke microphone.

Take these rumours with a grain of salt

The new Amazon products that Bloomberg has revealed are not fully confirmed and may not even see the light of day. Certain products have the plausibility in coming to fruition such as the Second Generation Echo Auto as well as both the Alexa-powered soundbar and the wall-mounted Echo device. We'll just have to wait for Amazon to confirm the release of these new products.