Clubhouse adds 'Replay' feature to let users record live rooms

Listen to conversations after its live

Clubhouse has officially launched its new Replays feature after the company first announced that the feature was coming to the platform back in September.

The feature will allow public rooms to be recorded by hosts and moderators while they are happening to be then saved to club or user profiles. Replays will also be downloadable so that they can be shared beyond Clubhouse “as a podcast, a clip on YouTube, an Instagram story, a TikTok video, or anywhere else.”

"Replays are an optional feature that creators can choose to toggle on or off for any public room. When Replays are enabled, anyone on Clubhouse can replay the entire experience whenever they like," the company said in a blogpost.

Replay will also support pinned links, a new feature that allows chat moderators to pink links to sites in a room. The pinned links will remain interactive to anyone who is listening to the recording later on as well.

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