Clubhouse's new feature will now allow moderators to pin links in rooms

Enable users to attach any URL

Clubhouse has recently announced that it will be adding a new feature that will allow moderators to pin links at the top of rooms.

Moderators of rooms will now be able to share outside links within a room for listeners to check out. The links that moderators pin at the top of the room can direct listeners to whatever the moderator wants, such as their Patreon pages, a news article, social media accounts, or even podcasts. Certain links will not be allowed due to security and moderation reasons, but Clubhouse CEO Paul Davidson has not yet disclosed the types of links that will not be allowed. 

The new feature will begin to roll out starting on October 27th for both Android and iOS apps. For links that direct listeners to pages where they make a transaction, Clubhouse will not be taking a cut of revenue that occurs through the link. As reported by The Verge, Davidson and his Clubhouse team will be sharing news updates in the coming months on how their app will monetize itself, whether it would be through ticketed rooms or even subscriptions.

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