Coinbase tests commission-free subscription service

To provide zero trading fees and prioritized support

The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is testing a new subscription service, which gives users access to more features, such as zero-fee trading.

The subscription, dubbed Coinbase one, will be offered to a selected number of users for now. Benefits include zero-fee trading and prioritized phone support "even on holidays and weekends."

“Customers in the test group will have the ability to buy, sell, and convert digital currencies on the Coinbase platform without a Coinbase fee for each trade (spread fees still apply),” a spokesperson for the exchange said. “We’re always looking to learn more about how we can best serve our customers in different ways. Right now, we are still in early stages, so everything about the future product experience will be shaped by the feedback we receive from our users.”

Coinbase might be creating its own subscriptions to have a better chance competing with other crypto exchanges like Robinhood, which does not charge trading fees and since 2016 has offered its customers a subscription called Robinhood Gold.

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