Cruise launches driverless robotaxi service in San Francisco

Only available to employees

Cruise, the startup GM acquired for robo-taxi development, has launched its fully driverless robo-taxi service in San Francisco.

On YouTube, Cruise uploaded a video of its co-founder, CTO and president Kyle taking the first ever ride in its autonomous vehicles, before going on to explain the experience on Twitter.

“Around 11pm Monday night we launched an AV without anyone inside for the first time,” Vogt tweeted. “Until now we’ve been testing with humans in the driver’s or passenger’s seat, so this was a first. It began to roam around the city, waiting for a ride request. At 11:20pm I used the Cruise app and summoned my first ride. After a few minutes, one of the Cruise AVs (named Sourdough) drove up to me and pulled over. Nobody was inside the car. I pressed the ‘start ride’ button and the AV smoothly pulled back into traffic.”

Last month Cruise received a California DMV permit allowing it to operate the service between 10PM and 6AM at a maximum speed of 30 MPH in mild weather conditions. This is a huge milestone for Cruise, taking the company one step closer to being able to offer the service to everyone in San Francisco and Arizona.

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