CryptoPunk #1422 sells for $2M

The definition of diamond hands

CryptoPunk #1422 has been sold for 500 ETH after over four years of being held.

On August 9th, 2017, Crypto #1422, one of 10,000 punks in the CryptoPunk collection created by Larva Labs, was bought for 0.25 ETH, around $75, based on Ethereum’s price at the time.

Fast forward to today, the same NFT has sold for 500 ETH (approximately $2,002,635.) The owner held the CryptoPunk for four years and two months, and has received a 2.7m% return on their investment, and over two million in profit.

A big reason for the CryptoPunk being so expensive is due to it having the hoodie trait, one of the most highly sought-after traits for CryptoPunk collectors.

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