Dbrand reveals new PS5 Darkplates after Sony legal threat

Stealth mode: Engaged

Dbrand has revealed a new design for its PS5 Darkplates just days after they took the plates off their shop following a legal threat from Sony. A fitting return after an event like that for a company like Dbrand.

The original Darkplates looked exactly like the regular side shells of a PS5, but they were matte black instead of being white. When marketing the shells, Dbrand, in true Dbrand fashion, told Sony “Go ahead, sue us”, to which Sony took as an invite, as they did just that, with a legal threat.

Now just days after said legal threat and pulling the Darkplates off their website, Dbrand is back with their new design, which the company says, as per The Verge, has been in development since September, with no information shared as to when Sony sent the cease-and-desist.

These 2.0 Darkplates have a slightly different design to the original model, still attaching to the sides of a PS5, but with a more rounded styling as opposed to the sharp look that closely associated to Sony’s original console design. They come in 3 colours now too, matte black, white, and a “retro gray,”.

Does this clear the legal issues, though? Dbrand says so, stating “By creating a brand new design, Darkplates 2.0 successfully closes the loop on this dispute and neutralizes any future infringement claims from Sony.” We guess it’ll be Sony’s judge on that if they decide to take it further or not.

A bold move, as usual with Dbrand, which is why the company is such a stand-out accessory company.

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