🤔 Facebook plans to change its name

Diving into the metaverse

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Facebook is planning to completely rebrand to reflect its focus on building the metaverse, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has already called it out. Square Enix has revealed its new studio dedicated to developing mobile games.

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Jack Dorsey mocks Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook metaverse plan

Facebook is planning to change its name and rebrand for a metaverse-based future, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey isn’t for it, essentially calling the idea dystopian in a reply to a tweet surrounding the concept.

Future of internet

The metaverse refers to a future version of the internet where instead of accessing the internet in the way we all do now, through phones and tablets, laptops and computers, we access it through virtual and augmented reality.

Some people are concerned

A Twitter user tweeted about Zuckeberg's metaverse ambitions, sharing a statement that the term was first pointed out strongly by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel "Snow Crash." This concept described a virtual world owned by corporations where end users were treated as citizens in a dystopian corporate dictatorship. The tweet ended sharing: “what if neal was right.” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey quickly jumped in on the tweet to say that he was right, essentially calling the idea by Facebook out.

Square Enix announces London mobile studio

Square Enix has opened a new studio dedicated to developing mobile games called Square Enix London Mobile.

High-quality mobile games

Square Enix London Mobile will focus on creating high-quality, free-to-play mobile games, with both Square Enix’s own brands and other big-name licenses. The new studio will be led by Ed Perkins, who was previously director of mobile publishing at Square Enix.

New games on the way

The studio is already working hard on developing its first two games, Tomb Raider Reloaded, an action-arcade game, in partnership with Crystal Dynamics, along with a yet to be titled Avatar: The Last Airbender game with Vancouver-based studio Navigator Games.

Fuel its success

“At Square Enix London Mobile, our goal is to move the world through play and in order to do this, we need to grow our team with even more unique voices, varieties of perspectives, and creative energy,” said Square Enix London Mobile studio head Ed Perkins in a press release. “We have great games in development, access to Square Enix-owned intellectual properties and relationships with the world’s top entertainment companies, but our people will be the competitive advantage that fuels our success now and in the future.”

The Waves

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Hustle Edition

Make ideas happen

Got an idea you’ve always kept in the back of your mind? From today, start working towards making it a reality.

Start planning

Just having an idea is never enough to make it happen, instead take as long as needed to look at your idea, create a realistic plan of the steps you need to take to turn it into a reality, and don’t start executing it until you feel like you are ready.

Patience is key

Once you’re sure you want to pursue an idea, don’t put pressure on yourself to succeed overnight and instead, take your time, stay dedicated, and enjoy the journey. Obstacles will come your way no matter what, especially when just getting started, but it is important to keep on pushing, and you will learn how to overcome them as time goes on.

Make it a reality

The perfect time to make your ideas a reality will never come, no matter how much you plan, or wait, so stop putting them off, and start making them a reality. Most people dream about their ideas making them successful, but it’s impossible unless you start to take action.

Nikola to proceed with $2 billion patent lawsuit against Tesla

The growing hydrogen trucking startup, Nikola, is being allowed to continue pushing the three year old $2 billion patent lawsuit it has against Tesla, meaning the battle between the two companies continues.

Not over yet

The lawsuit was shelved earlier this month. by a federal judge after both companies stopped responding to the court’s orders, but now the case is back, although not entirely, as its remaining “administratively closed” but not dismissed.

Deadlines are near

Judge James Donato shared in a new order on Tuesday that Nikola has two new January deadlines, one of which is to walk the court through the technologies which are in questions, and the other as a hearing about the Nikola patents that were allegedly infringed.

Case not dismissed

“Nikola’s ostensible reasons for not responding to the Court’s orders are not particularly compelling,” the judge said in the Tuesday order. “The case will not be dismissed at this time for failure to prosecute, but that may change if Nikola does not move this case forward to resolution in an efficient and timely manner.”

No merit

Tesla is remaining on its case of there being “no merit” to the claims, and pushing that there is no viable reasoning as to this lawsuit, so we will just have to watch as it plays out from here on and see if the court orders are followed as instructed for the case to continue or not.

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