Fords plans to produce 600,000 EV vehicles by 2023

The F-150 Lightning will debut next year

Ford has announced its plans to become the number 2 maker of electric vehicles in the US within the next 24 months.

Ford’s current EV lineup has been highly successful, Company CEO Jim Farley said, and the demand is a lot higher than the company expected. Since the F-150 Lightning was revealed, the first electric version of its iconic truck, it has been in high demand with 100,000 reservations within the first three weeks and now over 160,000.

According to Farley, Ford is on track to become the second-biggest EV maker in the U.S. by the end of 2023, with Tesla in the lead. Further down the road, the company aims to take Tesla’s #1 spot and become the biggest EV manufacturer in the world.

"We aim to become the 2nd biggest EV producer within the next couple years. Then as the huge investments we're making in EV and battery manufacturing come onstream and we rapidly expand our EV lineup, our ambition is for Ford
to become the biggest EV maker in the world," Farley said.

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