Foxconn shows off three EV prototypes

No longer the new kid in town

Earlier today, Foxconn revealed three electric vehicle prototypes, including two sedans and an electric bus.

Keep an eye out

At its HHTD21 event, Taiwan's Foxconn showed off its first three electric vehicle prototypes for the first time, along with its ambitious plans to move away from its role of building consumer electronics for Apple and other companies. The company stated it is "no longer the new kid in town" when it comes to EVs and aims to develop a business worth up to $NT 1 trillion.

Making big moves

The Taiwanese contract manufacturer, most known for building iPhones for Apple, first three electric vehicles include the Model C crossover, Model E sedan, and Model T bus, all currently in the prototype stage. In the past, Ford has sued other automakers for using the Model E name, such as Tesla, claiming that it is too similar to Model T, so there’s a chance Foxconn may end up changing its vehicle names in the future.

Collab with Yulon Motor

Foxconn’s EV prototypes have been developed under the Foxtron brand in collaboration with Yulon Motor and uses Foxconn's open software and hardware platform, MIH Consortium, which serves as reference designs that companies can produce to their own needs.

Luxury performance

Foxtron's Model C is an electric SUV that will be available in Taiwan by 2023 with high efficiency 3.8 second 0-to-62 MPH speeds which will cost around $NT 1 million ($35,700). The Model E is a luxury performance sedan that offers 750 horsepower and delivers a 0-62 MPH time of 2.8 seconds, along with a 750 km range.

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