Get your hands on an XRP Mastercard

If you’re an XRP lover, you’ll like this new XRP Mastercard.

If you’re an XRP lover, you’ll like this new XRP Mastercard.

The Future Wave

GlobaliD Cards have unveiled a brand new Mastercard debit card which features up to 2% cash back in the Ripple cryptocurrency, XRP.

GlobaliD, for those who haven’t heard of it before, is a digital identity platform that allows you to “build a safe, private and trusted community.”

More than just a card

Not only do you get a card with free XRP rewards and benefits, you get to be on the GlobaliD platform as well where you can “Receive, hodl, and convert your XRP rewards in your GlobaliD”.

On the platform, you can trade more than 100 national and digital currencies, all the way from INR to DOGE, send and receive currencies from anyone, and you can also spend any asset anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

Get your hands on it

To get one of these shiny XRP Mastercard’s, click here, and join up to get onboard. As per the website, the following is required to get ahold of one:

“The XRP Mastercard® Debit Card is only available to members of the XRP Army Group on GlobaliD. This is a community of like-minded crypto and XRP enthusiasts.”

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