Google commits to Matter for smart home developers

The future of smart home devices

Over the past few years, Google has been retiring the Google Home branding and focused on Google Nest, but now the company is bringing the name back.

At its Google Smart Home Developer Summit, Googled announced new tools to help developers build devices that work with both Google Home, the new connectivity standard Matter, and across any other Matter-complaint ecosystems.

The developer site and console have been completely redesigned as the Google Home Developer Center, and be the go-to resource for developers wanting to build applications for smart home devices. Development, deployment, and analytics will all be under one roof, giving engineers access to tools to build matter devices and apps, customize the Google Home setup process, test and certify, and monitor performance.

Matter is an open smart home application protocol that allows smart home devices to communicate with each other, no matter who made them. This means devices from Google, Apple, Samsung, and many more companies will work together on an open standard. It uses a combination of Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth LE, and Thread, a low-power networking technology that Google has used in its smart home products for years.

“Matter is a very big initiative for us,” Kevin Po, Senior Product Manager at Google, told me in a briefing ahead of today’s announcements. “It will really solve that interoperability choice, that frustrating purchasing, and setup experience for the user.”

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