Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy players demand refunds

The worst launch since Cyberpunk 2077

On November 11th, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition was released on all major platforms, and so far, it has been a rocky start.

Since its release, everyone who bought the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy on PC has not been able to access the game. Rockstar has yet to give PC players an update on when the GTA Trilogy will be playable.

Along with the game being unplayable on PC, Rockstar’s Twitter support page has constantly been replying to refund requests since the game went on sale last week, and it’s understandable why.

On all other platforms, players have reported a large number of graphical issues, bugs, and progression crashes, making it clear that the remasters aren’t up to the standard everyone expected.

Rockstar Games CEO Thomas Williamson publicly acknowledged fan criticisms in a tweet, "As art ages, what was at the time a mistake becomes an homage, it becomes history. It's preservation is important. Han shoots first. One small step for man. Some mistakes should be rectified, and some should be preserved. Being on the deciding end is a heavy responsibility."

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