How to ruin a VC pitch in 5 words or less

Please.. we beg.. don’t say these during a VC pitch

VCBrags on Twitter asked for the worst VC pitches in 5 words or less, and we just had to share the best replies, and help future founders know what not to say during a meeting with a Venture Capital.

Is that some kind of plant?

You should probably just walk yourself out at that point.

The dreaded NDA

You’re not that guy pal, trust us, you’re not that guy

First of its kind idea in 2021?..

Absolutely zero?.. sure..

Don’t be this person

Pause.. reword, and go for it again

Executives gotta eat too, you know?

Oh wait.. were we pitching our startup or ourselves?

Don’t worry, our lawyers on it

Lawsuit this, lawsuit that, what’s it matter?

Clueless, but optimistic

Give us a few million and we’ll try the idea out

How to get kicked out

You are getting removed from that office immediately

Where it all crumbles

How to make the venture capitalists panic

Founders.. please take notes, don’t do any of these.

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