IKEA's Spotify-enabled speaker is also a lamp

First of its kind

Ikea is working on its Bluetooth "Vappeby" speaker, but there is a twist, it has a range of other features.

Leaked by the FCC

In an FCC filing, Ikea’s ‘Vappeby’ Bluetooth speaker got leaked. It’s a mushroom-shaped speaker with an IP65 rating, meaning it resists dust, rain, and a small amount of water. A 20 lumen (2700K) bulb is integrated with the speaker to allow it to function as a lamp as well.

First of its kind

Ikea will be the first to release a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to resume your music from where you last left off quickly with its Spotify Tap button. Spotify Tap is a feature that launched last month and is available on Bluetooth devices from "Samsung, Microsoft Surface, Bose, Skullcandy, and Jabra, with even more brands coming later this year and in 2022," Spotify said.

Multiple controls

The Vappeby Bluetooth has four operational buttons that will allow you to controls the device’s power, volume, and other operational functions like skipping tracks. There’s also a Bluetooth button for pairing and a button on the back for changing the brightness of the lamp to 100, 50, or 0 percent.

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