Instagram will now allow users to post from desktop

It's about time

Instagram announced earlier today a new range of features will roll out this week, including desktop posting availability, an easier way to start fundraisers, and more.

Long awaited Desktop posting

A feature that even Instagram admitted has been “long requested by our IG community" is finally coming to desktop, the ability to post images and videos that last less than one minute in length.

Raise money for fundraisers

Tomorrow the platform is testing a new way to make fundraisers easier. With the feature, users can start a fundraiser from the “+” created button used to post in the top right corner, where you can then select a non-profit, overall making the process a lot quicker.

New collab tool

Instagram is testing a tool called Collabs this week that will allow users to invite others users to collaborate on a post or short video on Reels. When two users collab, the post or Reel will appear on both profiles, but it will have a shared view count, like count and comment thread, Instagram says.

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