Instagram adds Text to Speech and Voice Effects to Reels

Continuing to introduce TikTok-inspired features

Instagram has recently revealed that they are adding new effects onto Instagram Reels which include text-to-speech and voice effects.

Voice effects and text-to-speech are two features that are popular on TikTok for creators to use especially text-to-speech, as they allow creators to create their content accessible to people who are visually impaired or have hearing difficulties. These new features being implemented on Instagram Reels will allow more content creators and users to make their content more accessible.

To add text-to-speech onto Reels, users have to go into the Reels, record or upload a video and then add some text onto the video that the user uploads by using the text tool. Next, tap on the text bubble to get the three-dot menu, select "text-to-speech," and choose the voice options you want and finally post the Reel.

Unlike Reels, TikTok has more text-to-speech voice options, such as their recent introduction of Disney character voices like Stitch, Chewbacca, Rocket Raccoon, and others.


To add a voice effect that allows users to modify audio, such as voiceovers on Instagram Reels, they would first have to record their Reels then tap the music note to open the audio mixer. Once the audio mixer is opened, users can choose the voice effect they want, which includes the options of "helium," giant," and "robot."

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