Instagram is shutting down Threads

By the end of 2021

Met has confirmed that Instagram will be shutting down its standalone messaging service, Threads, by the end of 2021.

Starting November 23rd, the Threads app will now be displaying a notice prompting and redirecting its users to Instagram. Threads is similar to Facebook Messenger which allows users to send and receive Instagram DMs in its own separate messaging interface outside of the main platform.

The service has many features that will soon become available on Instagram once Threads shuts down. The features that are included in the Threads service are that the app automatically sets users' statuses based on what they are doing on their phones.


Meta is shutting down the service because they are in the process of consolidating and revamping many of their messaging platforms. Meta's Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs will now be supported by cross-platform messaging. They soon will be incorporating WhatsApp in their consolidation and supporting cross-platform messaging. Another reason for the shutdown is that not many people are using the service, roughly about 200,000 users are utilizing the app for messaging.


Christine Pai, an Instagram spokesperson, explained to The Verge that with the shutdown of Threads, Instagram will now be focusing its efforts on "enhancing how users contest with their close friends on Instagram."

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