Instagram will now tell you when it's down

It's gotten that bad, they want to alert you themselves

After a crazy week last week for Instagram of Monday’s huge downtime, and another downtime later in the week, the platform now wants to tell you itself when it’s down.. so you don’t go checking Twitter for the answer.

An alert feature

The new alert feature being tested by Instagram is said to alert users to when the service is having technical difficulties, more so on for major scale incidents.

The alert will pop up as a notification in users’ Activity Feed when “people are confused and looking for answers,” Instagram said, so no more Twitter scouting.

Good notice

Although it’s quite ironic for a platform to need this, if the service disrupts anything like Monday’s downtime again, it’s good to know so people aren’t left in the dark.

Twitter has been the key place for all the news and gossip surrounding downtimes, so this could take away some of the shine from the platform for this.

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