It only takes one ‘Yes’ to make it

Patience is truly a virtue when trying to make it

Sometimes you might feel like giving up, or like you’re not getting anywhere, but remember, it only takes one ‘Yes’ or one opportunity to get to the next level.

An uphill battle

When running a startup, building up a business, or taking on a new venture, it’s perfectly normal to feel drained and like you’re out of luck after working on your project for so long, and whilst the draining side appears a lot as it’s part of the journey, the out of luck side isn’t necessarily always true.

Whilst you might feel like you’re not getting anywhere at times, it’s important to remember that you’re making something from absolutely nothing (typically) and with that, it isn’t going to be easy in the slightest, which is why we love it.. right?

With that though, remember when creating something from nothing, we’re on an uphill battle, the default mode is reverse, and we’re constantly running at full speed to make stuff even move one bit, so it can feel like nothing’s happening, but it is, it’s just part of the ‘hustle’ to the top.

One ‘Yes’ away

You might think ‘ah, you’re just saying this’ to this point, but it’s so true, you are truly one ‘yes’ or opportunity away from breaking through to where you want to be at all times. You just may not feel like it because obviously you can’t see it yet and the time hasn’t come to the present moment yet.

If you’re trying to secure investments for your business as example, you might do 75 meetings with no luck, and feel like you’re doing something wrong, or you aren’t going to be able to make it, but what if you knew that your 76th meeting was the one that was a yes?

You’d go for that 76th meeting at full speed, right? It’s with that mindset that lets you grind your way up and understand that whilst you may face hard times running your venture or feel like it’s taking a while or you aren’t getting anywhere, you actually are getting them. You just have to remember at all times that you could always be just one thing away from breaking through.

Keep this in mind at all times, and keep going at full speed. You’ve got this.

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