Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight set for December

The fight is to take place on December 18th in Miami

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are finally set to meet in the ring after swapping insults for most of the year. The Sun reported that a deal between both parties is now agreed and the fight is set for just before Christmas.

This news comes after early this week Fury’s promoter Frank Warren said an official announcement could be made in the coming says. Now according to the report by The Sun, the fight is set to take place December 18th in Miami.

Paul’s professional record is currently sitting at 4-0, after making his wins against AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley, whilst Fury’s professional records sit at 7-0.

Both are, as can be seen in the image above, very close in terms of statistics, so it makes for the perfect fight, especially after constant heated exchanges between both of the fighters.

Fury is 22 years of age, with Paul at 24, both have a winning-streak professional record, both fight orthodox, Paul stands at 6ft 1 with a a reach of 76in whilst Fury is 6ft tall with a reach of 80in, making it a very debated fight.

Although there’s as always a lot of pressure on both fighters, and always on Jake Paul as he has lots of people wanting him to lose, in this fight, there’s specifically a lot of extra pressure on Tommy due to his family name, and the fight deal terms.

Paul has shared across his socials, to which Tommy agreed back on socials to, that if he loses the fight against him, he has to legally change his name to Tommy Fumbles, giving embarrassment to both himself and his career.

Not only is that a factor of the pressure for Tommy, he has also has a lot coming from Tyson and John Fury, who have said they will take him off fighting if he can’t beat Jake Paul.

Will this pressure be too much for Tommy? Possibly. In a recent interview with True Geordie, John Fury said Tommy does need to work on performing under pressure, and with Jake Paul being a master troll, he will know this and take advantage of it as he already has to constantly increase the heat on Tommy.

Obviously, no one knows fully what either side is bringing, but it will definitely be an all-out battle, and we can only say our own opinions until fight night. Who do you have? Let us know below!

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