Kathryn Minshew is the true definition of an entrepreneur

Kathryn Minshew was rejected 148 times before she raised £21M for her startup, showing a true entrepreneur’s drive.

Not many people would go through 148 meetings, but like many things when it comes to startups, entrepreneurship, and business, you have to keep pushing on and trying because it only takes that one opportunity to break through to get to where you want to be.

Kathryn Mindshew showed the true value of an entrepreneur - perseverance, when raising money during her startups seed round. No matter how hard it was for her with the seed round, she didn’t give up in the aim for success, which she eventually achieved.

Minshew is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Muse, which is a job-search and career-advice platform. When it came time to raise for The Muse’s seed round, she didn’t exactly have the easiest of times doing so.

As she told Bobbi Rebell on an episode of the ‘Financial Grownup” podcast, the platform had a rough time with getting the funding, getting constantly hit with no’s for the seed round investment.

She kept pushing on though taking meeting after meeting and eventually grinded through 148 meetings before securing her investment. Just imagine if she had stopped at 147 meetings and given up, but she didn’t, and that’s what makes up a true entrepreneur and shows exactly what an entrepreneur is all about - the motivation to succeed no matter what the cost.

The Muse has now gone on to raise even more capital, and continues to grow. Well deserved success.

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