Keeping up with the Altcoins

It's like Keeping Up With The Kardashians with the chaos on Twitter

First Laps

With coins making moves all over the place currently and Twitter being chaos on what’s happening with everything with Alts, it’s time to breathe and catch an update on them.

As historically proven during a bull run, the coins go in order from the titans like Bitcoin, then onto Ethereum, then into large caps. From there, we move onto Altcoins.

Altcoin’s Up Next

Guesses are that we are in the first phase of the bull run right now, so whilst Altcoins might be going all over the place, it’s usual bleeding whilst the first steps take place.

As you can see in the tweet above by TechDev, this years chart is following a close pattern to 2017’s, and so if it does follow it, we have big things on the way.

Stay Calm

With crypto really becoming a mainstream thing over the last couple years, it’s only natural that people who aren’t sure what they’re doing fully are involved.

With this, comes panic and chaos, and so we can’t urge everyone enough to do their own research on projects, and to think long-term if you’re wanting to ride a coin out.

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