League of Legends' Arcane is co-streamable on Twitch

The perfect community experience

Riot’s upcoming League of Legends series Arcane will be Netflix’s first show to premiere with co-streaming permissions on Twitch.

First time

The first episode of Arcane, the League of Legends animated series from Riot Games, which is debuting on Netflix next month, will be co-streamable exclusively on Twitch after both companies announced it on Twitter.

Not long to go

Arcane premieres on Netflix globally on Saturday, November 6th at 3 AM BST (10 PM ET) and will feature a “Global Premiere Event” that will allow any streamer to watch the episode live with their viewers. Riot will also hold a red carpet pre-show from Riot Games headquarters in Los Angeles.

For the community

“Interest in deeper storytelling from our global player base played a big part in our decision to make Arcane, so it’s only right that they will be able to watch the first episode of Arcane together as a community,” Brandon Miao, cross-product experiences and partnerships lead at Riot Games, said in a statement.

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