Lego reveals 4,000 piece Home Alone house set

Just in time for Christmas

Kevin McCallister’s iconic house has been recreated in the form of a 3,995-piece Lego set.

Home Alone is back

To get the world excited for the the upcoming “Home Sweet Home Alone” film coming out soon, which let’s just say a lot of people are not a fan of, a Lego set based on the 1990 film has been revealed.

Perfect for Lego

The 3,955 piece set builds all the house’s floors, including the basement and attic, along with mini-figures for the characters Kevin, Harry, Marv, Kate, and Marley, and even the Wet Bandits' getaway vehicle. Alex Storozhuk, from Ukraine, came up with the design for the massive Lego set after getting inspired to create it after watching Home Alone one day.

How much is it?

The set goes on sale from November 1st in Lego Stores or on the Lego website, just in time for the holidays, and will cost $250 / £230.

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