📈 Lydia enables stock and crypto trading

Introduces 170 digital assets

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 French startup Lydia has partnered with Bitpanda to enter an entirely different industry by adding stock and crypto trading. Twitter is hosting its first shopping livestream later this month in collaboration with Walmart.

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Lydia introduces stock and crypto trading to its payment app

French peer-to-peer payment app, Lydia, has announced that it will allow it to introduce stock and crypto trading.


The company has partnered with crypto exchange Bitpanda to introduce the new features, which will allow users to buy, hold and sell over 170 digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, commission-free fractional stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETF) and precious metals.


“Six months ago, we set out with the audacious goal of entering the B2B market by opening up Bitpanda’s digital finance infrastructure to third parties. Now the time has come and we are pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with the mobile financial services platform Lydia, a real superstar in France,” Bitpanda wrote in its blog post.


Once the trading features launch, Lydia users can start investing in digital assets for as little as €1. A “White Label Solution” integration will allow Lydia accounts to have access to all the assets that are available on the exchange, and the fees will stay the same as all transactions will be through Bitpanda.

Kojima Productions launches new film, TV, and Music division

The game production studio behind Death Stranding has recently announced that they are launching a brand new business division that is focusing on film, television, and music. The company is opening up an office based in Los Angeles for their new division.


Kojima's new division is tasked with working alongside creatives and talented professionals within the television, music, and film space to develop and expand the reach of the properties under Kojima Productions. Gamesindustry.biz has reported that the new division will be led by Riley Russell, a multimedia professional who worked for PlayStation for 28 years.


Kojima's new multimedia division will now take the studio into more areas in which they are able to communicate and present their creative narratives beyond just video games, but now in music, film, and television.


As of right now, there are no projects currently being developed by the new multimedia division. Kojima production's entering the film and television industry does not come as a surprise since it's no secret that Kojima Production founder, Hideo Kojima is a big fan of films.


Kojima's love for films can be seen in his games such as Death Stranding which features actors Norman Reedus and Léa Seydoux as well as his previous partnership with well-known director Guillermo del Toro on a cancelled Silent Hill game that they were developing.

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Creator Special


Kisscies, the latest creator to join the Valkence family, is a Twitch streamer who mainly streams Valorant, along with a variety of other games. Be sure to check out her streams every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:30 PM EST.


Funky Doggie

Funky Doggie was founded to give a funky note to the bands for small dogs. It designs and manufacture all of its products, combining comfort and funky mood. Each bandana is unique and made by Funky Doggie with love and passion.



EvilGirlX is a streamer that you can find streaming solo, with friends, and sometimes strangers. They mainly play Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, so if you’re a big Pokémon fan, check out EvilGamerX!

Twitter partners with Walmart to test new livestream shopping platform

After testing shopping features for businesses earlier this year, Twitter is now testing a new live shopping experience.


The feature will allow users to watch a broadcast while shopping on Walmart's site. Walmart’s Cyber Week-themed livestream with Jason Derulo will be the first live shopping stream on November 28th at 7 PM ET.


“Livestreaming on Twitter gives businesses the power to engage with their most influential fans, and adding the ability to shop into this experience is a natural extension to attracting and engaging with receptive audiences,” Twitter explained.


Twitter has also started testing a “Shopping Manager,” which will help with the merchant onboarding experience, along with expanding the availability of the “Shop Module,” a tool that allows brands and businesses to add a carousel to their profile that can highlight a selection of products.

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