Meet Bazanji: The artist every movement maker needs

Motivational, relatable, and inspirational heat

If you have yet to listen to Bazanji, hopefully that changes today. Not only is he just all-around an incredible artist with brilliant music, he’s also an artist for every movement maker, with songs full of motivation, relatable-stories, and inspiration.

Bazanji is an American hip-hop artist of Kurdish descent, born in the UK, but raised in North Carolina, later moving to Miami, Florida, where his focus is entirely on his craft OF music where he’s remained independent from the start, and amassed millions of listens, and supporters.

Releasing a huge variety of songs, and now 3 albums, he has a range of music for everyone, as shared, mostly around motivation and life-experiences told through the songs. Just to add to the impressiveness, he released a song every week of the year for most of the year, then dropped an album too. Tell me who else is doing it.

I’ve been enjoying his music for years now, and listen all day everyday, and have never related to music so much. Every single song he’s put out, I’ve either felt through my own experiences and related to, and or it’s fuelled me with continuous motivation and inspiration, and for that, I’ll always be a massive supporter, alongside heavily respecting his decision to remain independent, something I fully back, and encourage the family of creators and artists at another venture I run, Valkence, to stick by.

Although I would say all song are my absolute favourites, Mannequins, What It Feels Like, Alive, Can’t Stop, Lookin’ Back, Damage, Everything Will Be Fine, Get It Now, Worth It, and Lights Go Down, are definitely a couple I’d suggest for a first time listener. Same goes for his latest single: Yeah Yeah:

Myself, and the team at Waivly, can’t recommend checking out Bazanji enough. Follow him on Instagram, and Twitter, and check out his music on all your favourite music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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