Mekaverse reveals its NFT collection

The hugely anticipated NFT project has dropped its artwork

MekaVerse is one of the most hyped NFT projects of all time, and today, it revealed its artwork to everyone on its OpenSea, some of which can be seen in the screenshot above which displays just a few of the many Meka’s available. The MekaVerse, for those who aren’t in tune with the project yet, is a collection of 8,888 generative Mekas inspired by the Japanese Anime universe.

The project has many ambitions and projects, as can be seen on its platforms. One being, “In the distant future, drivers fight in a world divided into 4 Factions. Originals Meka, Mirage, F9, and Gadians are the Titans who rule this planet”. Meka’s also show the true value behind NFT’s, with each holder getting access to exclusive Meka-holder only content and platforms.

The roadmap on their website displays many of the other huge things lined up, such as 3D printing their concepts, artist collaborations, and much more, making this project one of the most well-established and planned-ahead NFT collections out there.

We’ve been watching this project closely, and have to say that firstly, the artwork is absolutely stunning, and secondly that the project is ran extremely well, with a heavy focus towards community, project expansion, usability of the NFT’s, and quality, all of which can be seen throughout the project itself, through what we’ve shared on this post, and on the MekaVerse website itself.

Are you copping? Let us know in the comments.

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