Epic Games might be making a Fortnite movie

Fortnite is going all out on the entertainment industry

Epic Games is reportedly considering making a Fortnite film as a way to get into the entertainment scene.

Only a possibility

A report from The Information claims that discussions have taken place over the possibility of a Fortnite film adaptation, along with a chance Epic Games is in the process of "launching an entertainment division focused on scripted video programming" as a way to diversify the studio's brands.

No one better for the job

Three of top LucasFilm employees have joined Epic Games this year, including the film studio's former VP of physical production, Jason McGatlin, who is now president of Epic Games secret special projects division, along with Lynn Bartsch, head of business affairs, and Chris Furia, vice president of production finance, so the chance of a Fortnite movie is looking promising.

Not looking good

In other news, Apple has decided its lawsuit victory against Epic wasn’t enough and has asked for a stay on the judge’s September order saying Apple would have to allow apps to direct customers to external websites. Google has also filed a counterclaim in the Epic Games’ antitrust litigation against the company, denying Epic’s allegations of antitrust behavior and instead claims it’s owed relief.

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