Crypto startup MoonPay valued at $3.4 Billion

Unicorn status: Unlocked x3

Crypto payments startup, MoonPay, is set to be valued at a whopping $3.4B after its first round of venture capital funding, including the investment, according to sources.

Going Big

MoonPay are said to be raising $400 million in this first round of venture capital funding, giving them this insanely strong valuation as a three-year-old startup.

Tiger Global Management and Coatue Management are leading the funding round for the bootstrapped startup, both of which have solid investor placements around finance and crypto.

Making Crypto Accessible

The startup launched back in 2019 with just two young entrepreneurs, Ivan Soto-Wright and Victor Faramond, as co-founders, and had a simple aim.

That aim being to increase cryptocurrency adoption, which they are doing extremely well through MoonPay, which enables the world to get involved in crypto through a minimalistic payment infrastructure.

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