🎬 Most-watched Netflix show revealed

Squid Game might take its spot

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 A wallet belonging to crypto exchange Bitfinex has paid over $23 million in transaction fees. Netflix has revealed its top 10 most-watched films and TV shows for the first time, and it’s what everyone expected.

Bitfinex paid $23M in Ethereum gas fees

Bitfinex, one of the most popular exchanges, has spent over $23 million in gas fees.

Extremely large fee

On Monday, Bitfinex sent $100,000 of Tether (USDT) to the layer-2 subsidiary platform DeversiFi, and for some reason the exchange paid 7,626 ETH, around 23.7 million, making it one of the largest gas fees ever on the Ethereum blockchain.

When did it happen?

The transaction, which was a smart contract interaction, took place at 12:10 pm BST between one of Bitfinex's wallets and DeversiFi's wallet. What makes the fee even more shocking is that it was a new type of transaction called EIP-1559, which is designed to make Ethereum fees easier to predict.

Everyone was confused

"At 11:10 UTC on the 27th September, a deposit transaction was made using a hardware wallet from the main DeversiFi user interface with an erroneously high gas fee," a DeversiFi spokesperson said. Hours later, the miner who received the Ethereum agreed to refund almost all of it, apart from 50 ETH, around $150,000.

Netflix reveals its most-watched shows and films

In the past, Netflix has always kept all of its data private, but now they have finally revealed its viewing data for the most-watched shows and films.

Becoming more transparent

During the Netflix Code Conference in Beverly Hills, we got to see the ranking of the most popular shows on the platform, and it’s what we expected. Netflix's CEO, Ted Sarandos, explained the reason for finally releasing Netflix's viewing data, "We're trying to be more transparent with the market and talent and everybody,” Sarandos said. “It’s a big black box for everybody.”

What we expected

The overall most-watched show on Netflix was the first season of the romance series Bridgerton, with 625 hours viewed, followed by season 4 of Money Heist closely behind with 619 million hours viewed, and Stranger Things season 3 in third place with 582 million hours viewed. To no surprise, Bird Box, the successful 2018 post-apocalyptic horror film, is the most viewed movie on Netflix, with 282 million hours viewed.

Coming for the top spot

Bridgerton might hold the top spot currently, but Sarandos hinted that it soon could be replaced by the Korean Drama show Squid Game, which only debuted over a week ago and is already the number one trending show in most countries.

The Waves

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Tech Special

Epic Games is staying far away from NFTs

Expecting to see Fortnite NFTs in the future? Epic Games CEO has confirmed Epic isn't planning on releasing anything NFT related.

Tangled up in issues

Earlier this week, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, confirmed on Twitter that the company is not "touching NFTs as the whole field is currently tangled up with an intractable mix of scams, interesting decentralized tech foundations, and scams."

Not a fan

Sweeney later went on to explains his opinion on NFTs, saying that owning an NFT holds similar value to owning an image on Twitter. Now that we know his thoughts on NFTs, it's pretty clear that Epic Games will never enter into the world of NFTs in any way.

Just an image?

One of the main points people who aren't big fans of NFTs make is that they're "just an image," but they're more than that. When you buy an NFT (Non-Fungible Token,) it is completely unique and can't be replaced or duplicated with anything else, unlike regular images. Some NFTs aren’t even images. They can be anything such as art, music, or even a ticket to attend an event.

Woven Planet Holdings acquires Renovo Motors

Toyota's subsidiary, Woven Planet Holdings has recently acquired the Silicon Valley-based autonomous operating system development start-up, Renovo Motors.

What is Renovo Motors?

Renovo Motors was founded in 2010 by Chris Heiser and Jason Stinson. Their mission as a company is to create and develop operating systems that integrate all software that is needed to run autonomous vehicles. They have been involved in multiple automotive projects over the years such as their project of converting a DeLorean with an electric powertrain and then do donuts autonomously with it. Recently they have been involved with an AI start-up company, Affectiva to integrate autonomous operating system technology into a fleet of test vehicles.

What does the acquisition mean for both companies?

Woven Planets Holding's acquisition of Renovo Motors will help accelerate Toyota's mission of developing autonomous vehicles with connected software. In a recent blog post, Renovo Motors has expressed that the acquisition is a big step for their company since their dream and vision of creating "a world where cars would be defined by their software platforms and, in doing so, unlock a world of new experiences and re-define the very nature of transportation" is slowly becoming a reality.

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