Nanoleaf introduces Lines LED light bars

Create endless patterns

Nanoleaf, a company that specializes in LED lighting, has introduced a new product, Lines.

Perfect for any room

Nanoleaf is launching Lines, a series of ultra-lightweight backlight LED light bars which have the same features as previous shapes but are more minimal than the company’s other products. Each Line is 10.96-inches (27.85cm) long and can connect at 60-degree angles in different ways to create a wide range of shapes.

Unlimited control

Unlike a lot of LED lights which only have a handful of colour choices, Nanoleaf Lines has over 16 million colours and 19 built-in scenes to choose from, so it’s got unlimited customisability . To create the perfect room, Nanoleaf Lines can sync to any Razer device, monitors, speakers, and a range of other devices.

Available now

Nanoleaf Lines are available to pre-order now, with the 9-line start kit costing $200, and the add-on packs with 3-lines a peace will cost $80. Shipping to homes in the US will likely start by the end of November at the latest.

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