Netflix launches new top 10 website for movies and shows

Even more transparency around its top titles

On Tuesday, Netflix announced it is continuing to be more transparent about what movies and shows are being streamed most on its platform, with a new weekly Top 10 report.

Netflix’s data will show up on its new website, where it will have multiple different top 10 list, ranked by the number of hours subscribers have spent watching them.

The weekly Top 10 hub will update every Tuesday with lists of the top films and series in the following categories: Films (English), Films (Non-English), TV (English), and TV (Non-English).

“This is an important step forward for Netflix, the creators we work with and our members,” Pablo Perez De Rosso, the company’s vice president of content strategy, planning and analysis, said in a blog post. “People want to understand what success means in a streaming world, and these lists offer the clearest answer to that question in our industry.”

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