Netflix to make iOS games available on the App Store

Apple's strict policies strike again

Only a few weeks after Netflix released mobile games on Android, it looks like they are experiencing some problems introducing an iOS version of the service.

Netflix is currently working on iOS games, however, in a recent newsletter, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman claims to have seen the code for these games that indicate that Netflix is planning on releasing mobile games “individually” for iOS on the Apple App Store.

Unlike Android, which has all of its games within the Netflix app, because of Apple’s strict App Store Policies, it’s likely users will not be able to download or play Netflix’s games on its app. This is because Apple requires every game on the App Store to be separate so it can receive an individual screening.

The streaming service still plans to release its catalog of games and instead make them available via the App Store. Once downloaded, users will be able to access the catalog from the Netflix app and the games will open separately.

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