Netflix to roll out TikTok-style feed for kids

Currently testing the feature

A report by Bloomberg shows that Netflix is planning on introducing a TikTok-like feature aimed at kids, which would be “its latest bid to attract younger viewers to its platform.”


The “Kid Clips” feature will show short video clips from its catalogue of children’s movies and shows to help Netflix’s younger audience find something to watch.


Unlike Fast Laughs, which was tested earlier this year, the videos will be horizontal instead of vertical and will be full screen. Kids will only be able to view 10 to 20 clips at a time, and Netflix is planning on adding new clips every day based on the current popular shows and movies available on the platform.


Netflix still refers to Kids Clips as a "test", and it won't be available worldwide just yet. For now, it's rolling out in a number of countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.


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